Sunday, February 10, 2013

2012 ARBA Convention in Kansas!

Every Fall thousands of rabbit exhibitors
gather somewhere in the United States for the
National ARBA Show and Convention. 
2012 took us to Wichita, Kansas. 

A portion of the showroom in Wichita. 20,000 rabbits and cavies in one building.

My Copper Mini Satins waiting for their
 first appoval to become a new variety

The Standards Committee at work


California Youth compete in Contests at convention,
to test their knowledge of rabbits and celebrate their achievements!

Lena waiting for showmanship

Monday, September 24, 2012

Alaska Pipeline and Gold Panning

 The Alaska Pipeline, 800 mile line from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez Port. Designed to allow for huge temperature change and withstand earthquakes. 

Gold Panning in Alaska, not much luck, but a lot of fun.

Finished the day with Buffalo Burgers and a flight of 6 different brews at Silver Gulch Brewery.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Exploring Fairbanks and the Alaska State Fair

At the fountian in the middle of Fairbanks

Fellow Judge and friend Travis joined us on Friday to do a little site seeing, at
Creamer's Field Looking at the migrating Sand Hill Cranes.

Pioneer Park, Good Salmon Bake and a fun Salmon to ride!

Largest Cabbage 63 lbs

 Lena got to participate in Dress-up at the fair.
Slaying the Dragon at the Fair

Master Showmanship

Waiting to announce the Best in Show winners.
Left to Right, Sara Buchanan, Me, Randy Cler, Travis Finkle

After a full day of Judging we all went to the Turtle Club, best steak and crab around!

Alaska 2012

I should have posted these last month, but time got away from me.  The whole family went to Alaska in August this year.  This first blog will be our side trip to the beautiful Denali Park.

The Beaver Dam at Horseshoe Lake

Are there any trolls under this bridge?
On the trail to Horseshoe Lake.

Cute little visitor on the trail.  We were hoping to see moose, but instead we saw this little guy.

View from our lodge in Denali.

Denali Dinner Play.
All you could eat Salmon and a show afterward.  The best part was Russell getting a kiss!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Satins and Mini Satins

Red Satin Jr Buck
 Red Satins- Convention Bound!

Red Satin Jr Buck

Red Satin 6/8 Doe

Red Mini Satin Jr Buck

Copper Mini Satins... These are my project rabbits. After 3 years of development I am fairly happy with them.  They present this Fall at the ARBA Convention in Kansas.
Copper Mini Satin Jr Doe

Sr Doe, Love Her Head!

Copper Satin Sr Doe

Copper Mini Satin Sr Buck

Thursday, July 19, 2012

BIG wins for my little girl!

Magee's Sweet won Reserve in Show twice at the CRCS show
 in Watsonville CA on July 15, 2012

The next day SWEET surprised us again with another bigger win Best in Show
at the Stanislaus County Fair with over 500 rabbits competing!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tide Pooling at Moss Beach

Lena asked us to take her tide pooling for her 10th birthday celebration. 
I remembered Moss Beach was a fantastic place to visit and discover a variety of plants and creatures.
We checked to see when would be the best low tide and struck out at
5am on Friday, May 11.
Hermit crabs were abundant and one of Lena's favorites!

Black and brown Turban Snails

California Mussel Bed

Green Anemone

Ochre Star

Look at all the Plants and Animals!

You have to look long and hard in the pools to see some of the creatures.
Harbor Seals were hiding behind Lena
Purple Urchin